1378670_901452003200447_1797583801912921542_nI am first-generation San Diego native with a Thai heritage, I have an intense love for Harry Potter and crepes. Through a series of events, the string of fate tugged me across America to New Orleans. I am currently a sophomore at Loyola University, where I utilize my passions for design and creativity.

Designing with a box rouses my senses and stretches my creativity.  Before you call me mad, hear me out: I like to take a different approach to creating.  I am a limit pusher, and the way I see it is that you can’t think outside the box without a box at all! This is how I work. I am mixture of different personality types. My double major in Advertising and Visual Arts says it all. I am strategic and concise with a daredevil flare that makes me adventurous and bold in my designs. Being a highly adaptable designer, no project is too big or too small, rather just the right size. I am a pretty restless person, always eager to try or see something new. From learning the Chinese xylophone to taking a solo impromptu trip to India, I like to surprise myself with inspiration.

I immerse myself in sketches and build physical mood boards before I start my designs. It is because I am very hands-on when it comes to my work. I believe that molding a project from start to finish creates a unique quality to my work. That is why my designs have so much depth. There is an intuitive part to design that cannot often be explained.  Once I get my hands on a project, there is no stopping the growing beast.